AH LA LIBIDO ! (2009)

An original comedy, dedicated to the glory of women, about male prostitution.

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Paula, Betty, Charlotte and Sandy all work for the newspaper Libération. Different in age, they respectively work as a researcher, a writer, a photojournalist, and a receptionist. At the cafeteria, they talk about men and their own lives. The brazen Betty has an idea to spice up their lives: what if they would pay for toy-boys, otherwise known as male prostitutes? Pleasure without any obligations! They find the addresses through the Internet. They decide to act during the day, separately, as to then share their experiences. Each one choses a “hotel”. Paula choses for herself an elegant stud and comes home relaxed. Betty lands on a charming robber who gets arrested by the police, Charlotte on an attentive professional who gets her to reconcile herself with her body. Sandy meets an “Indian prince” …straight out of her imagination! These chargeable love affairs will have taught them so much.

Pays de production France

Sortie en France 18 février 2009

Procédé image 35 mm - Couleur

Durée 80 mn

Réalisatrice – Scénariste Michèle Rosier

Assistant réalisateur Olivier Genet et Delphine Heude

Directeur de la photographie Emmanuel Machuel

Ingénieur du son François Domerc

Compositeur de la musique originale Yves Cerf

Société de production Go-Films

Audrey Dana (Betty) Claude Degliame (Paula) Sarah Grappin (Charlotte) Anna Mihalcea (Sandy) Françoise Lebrun (une habituée)