Embrasse moi (1988)

The passage from childhood to adolescence in Paris.

Michèle Rosier and Sophie Rochut

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To grow up in a big city with all the space in the world but not yet a place of one’s own. To discover that to feel lonely is to feel as if you exist. Is this rite of passage, this moment in life, comical, dramatic, or tragic? Maybe we are compelled to look closer because it is all three at the same time. While being careful to show that the present has its own nostalgia. With the desire to acutely render the colours and the movements and the sounds that we experienced in these moments of extremes that made us attentive to so much happiness. I picture a film sweet and sharp, devoid of sentimentality. I will try to depict this time of extreme indecision that some young girls go through, when they are at once in love with their mothers, with their fathers, and with the first person to come along. Michèle Rosier (handwritten note on Embrasse-Moi)

Nota Bene: Having worked with Bruno Nuytten on Mon Coeur est Rouge, Michèle Rosier, being attentive to the image, works here with cinematographer Darius Khondji (Caro & Jeunet, James Gray, Wong Kar-Way…)

Pays de production France

Sortie en France 15 mars 1989

Durée 95 mn

Réalisateur Michèle Rosier

Assistants réalisateur Laurence Ferreira Barbosa Manuel Flèche Pascal Laëthier

Scénariste Michèle Rosier

Sociétés de production Go-Films - La Sept Cinéma

Directeur de production Joëy Faré

Directeur de la photographie Darius Khondji

Ingénieur du son Jean-Jacques Ferran

Compositeur de la musique originale Aldo Romano

Décorateur Raúl Gimenez

Monteur Andrée Davanture

Sophie Rochut (Louise) Dominique Valadié (La mère) Patrick Chesnais (Le père) Philippe Clévenot (L'accordeur) Isabelle Sadoyan (La grand-mère) Yann Collette (le reporter)