George qui ? (1973)

The tumultuous life of George Sand, 19th century female writer. For her first film, Michèle Rosier’s cinema godmother is the novelist and playwright George Sand (1804-1973). Shot in 1972 and produced by Louis Malle’s Nouvelles Éditions de Films (NEF), George Qui ? is a passionate portrait, at once historic and contemporary, of this figurehead of female emancipation.

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Found alongside Anne Wiazemsky as the literary woman are numerous friends of the filmmaker, for the most part coming from the theatre and auteur cinema (Françoise Lebrun, Bulle Ogier, Roger Planchon, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Jean-Michel Ribes...), as well as philosopher Gilles Deleuze, in his only onscreen appearance ever. A period film, George qui ? plays with anachronisms : a 2CV facing an Austin-Mini, a heavy goods vehicle, a television in the background ; all those liberties allow the filmmaker to blend the Revolution of 1848 with the social demands of May 1968. Alternating between quotes and fictional dialogue, this first foray into film was met with critical acclaim when released in May 1973. (source : Cinémathèque Française)

Pays de production France

Sortie en France 03 mai 1973

Procédé image 35 mm - Couleur

Durée 110 mn

Réalisatrice Scénariste Michèle Rosier

Assistant réalisateur Olivier Margot

Assistant réalisateur Jean-David Lefebvre

Société de production NEF - Nouvelles Éditions de Films & Go-Films

Anne Wiazemsky (George Sand) Alain Libolt (Charles Fleury) Denis Gunzburg (Casimir) Geneviève Mnich (Ursule) Jean-Gabriel Nordmann (Jules Sandeau) Claude Flagel (le violoneux) Bulle Ogier (Marie Dorval) Gilles Deleuze (Lamennais) Roger Planchon (Michel de Bourges) Yves Rénier (Musset) Pierre Kalinovsky (Chopin) Jean-Pierre Kalfon (Victor Borie) René-Marie Féret (Manceau) Stephan Meldegg (Gryzmala) Jean-Louis Wolf (Louis Blanc) Suzel Goffre (Marie d'Agoult) Jean-Michel Ribes (Pierre Leroux) Pierre Dios (Jospeh Mazzini) Antoine Fontaine (Baudelaire)