Mon Cœur est rouge (1976)

The filmmaker’s second portrait of a woman, this time an anonymous and contemporary one, in which irony blends with sentimentality. In this feminist film, Bruno Nuytten’s documentary-like camera follows the daily life and encounters of a young detective, played by Françoise Lebrun.

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Two days in the life of Clara: two days told across three sections: she and the others, she and Him, she amongst the others. Or, in other words: an attempt at cycling and a free woman’s self-portrait on a winter’s Friday and Saturday in Paris, France. Here, the only common thread is the threading girl. Her day begins early in the bar with a coffee, and ends late in the night. Her mission today is to question Parisian women on the matter of makeup. Through those encounters, planned or unplanned, provoked or endured, the search for the lies told to women becomes a quest for the truth of women. Off with the day and it’s Saturday, a day of one’s own. In the morning, Clara is in the bathtub with the man she approached the day before. On Saturday night is a women’s party, a loud party where we slightly lose Clara amongst a lot of her friends.

Pays de production France

Sortie en France 23 mars 1977

Procédé image 35 mm - Couleur

Durée 105 mn

Réalisatrice, scénariste Michèle Rosier

Société de production Go-Films et Les Films Molière

Directeur de la photographie Bruno Nuytten

Compositeur de la musique originale Keith Jarrett

Monteur Suzanne Baron

Françoise Lebrun (Clara) Jean Ipousteguy (L'homme au journal) Judith Magre (La femme fâchée) Antoine Fontaine (M. de Vavrin) Lucia Bensasson (L'étrangère) Anouk Grinberg (la petite fille) Mad Rimbaud (Aristote) Paule Zajderman (Freud) Anne Wiazemsky (Calderon) André Glucksman (l’ami dans l’escalier mécanique)