Eighteen people go on an organized trip to the Mont Saint-Michel. Most of them don’t know each other. The first night is rather troubled. Stopped by a gang of thieves, the passengers are robbed. In light of this event, the victims get closer to one another and start to talk. Everyone tells their story, outlining in a few sentences the contours of their life, be it successful or not. From time to time, legs stretch out and tongues rest during the visit of a natural site or a museum. Then the trip continues and with it the trade-off of confidences. The suicide of a young passenger brings about the intervention of the police. Every one of the travelling companions advances their own hypothesis…

Pays de production France

Sortie en France 05 juillet 1995

Durée 100 mn

Réalisation & scénario : Michèle Rosier

Production : Go-Films, Skyline

Photographie : Jacques Loiseleux

Musique : Yves Cerf

Son : Jean-Claude Brisson

Montage : Dominique Pâris

Charles Berling (Lucien Génin) Yann Collette (Thierry Daragnès) Ioana Craciunescu (Aurora Liceanu) Basile de Bodt (Jean-Roger Duchemin) Natsume Hokusai (Yoshi Oida) Eva Ionesco (Marie-Paule Daragnès) Mariam Kaba (Jeja Sembene) Clara Le Picard (Anne Lacombe) Françoise Lebrun (Sophie Volland) Daniel Martin (Robert Nollet) Kevin McNally (Tom Donahue) Benjamin Rataud (M. Chabaud) Dominique Valadié (Maryse Ploche) Valérie Vogt (Ginette Nollet)